Hello again!


Oh, hello there! In case you’ve forgotten, I’m Suzy!

It’s been so long since I last posted anything, even longer since posting anything other than photos.

I tell ya, selling a house, moving, looking for a house and living in-between homes while trying to keep a normal family life is not easy! And all during winter, well, I didn’t have the energy to do much.

But now it’s a new season and we finally got a new home too! I’m so excited for all of this! I have so much energy that I’m practically bouncing! And so much creative energy too! Nothing like a new house to get those creative juices flowing! I cannot wait to show photos of our house and how we fix it up and make it our’s.


Our sweet new home.



Week 9 and Week 10 – 2015

week9-2015We had a good snow a couple weeks ago. The soft white and fluffy kind. By the time I was done working, the snow was slush, but Sam didn’t care because there were big puddles to jump in. Oh my little bear how I love you so.


week10-2015There’s something magical about weekend mornings. We are all in high sprites (and filled with pancakes) The kitchen is our gathering place. Sam pretends to make us oatmeal with cinnamon and throws it in the air for us to catch in our mouths. Sometimes he makes us coffee, he knows us too well.

Week 8 – 2015



Sam watching the clothes in the dryer. I try to get him to help me with chores and tasks sometimes. To most we can manage is his socks in his laundry basket and toys in the bin. Oh and he’ll put the clean cat bowls by her food. Mommy’s littler helper!

Week 5 – 2015


My little airplane mechanic.

My little airplane mechanic.

Just a lazy Saturday. These are some of my favorite moments, watching Sam play by himself. I love to hear him talk and sing songs only he knows. Sometimes I can’t help but look at the things his loves to do and wonder if these are signs of what he’ll grow up to be. So far we have helicopter pilot or airplane pilot, a mechanic or work in construction.

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